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Eric Brits from Night Jar Travel(April 2013) said:


I live my city lifestyle unashamedly. I have cellphone signal 24/7, and the petrol station cafe will provide most of what I could possibly run out of at 3 a.m. (usually chocolate - I'm not complicated). The list goes on, but the point is, my childhood days in a seaside village with no Eskom, no tv, and gas geysers, are long forgotten. It was with a shock then, that on our trip through the Eastern Cape, something awoke in me a nostalgia that I was totally unaware of. I say 'something', but I've pinpointed the culprit. On my various travels, I've experienced the spectrum of accommodation, from the bare essentials to every luxury, but it has been a while since I've stayed at a farm cottage. On our Eastern Cape trip, however, they were the only type of accommodation that we stayed at.

Farm cottages are invariably furnished with pieces that look like they have been passed across a generation or two, and the doors and windows tend to creak gently. Wooden floors, worn carpets, dusty tiles... the mere thought would give a Hilton hotel GM a heart attack. Yet, somehow, when you kick off your dirty boots and sit down at the massive wooden dining table for a cup of coffee, it all comes together to transport you into another world, and the message is clear. Switch off the devices - they won't have signal here anyway. Stop stressing about the bright lights - not even a helicopter could get you there fast enough to make a difference. Take off the suit and tie - it will just get dusty here. Relax. If you've ever been into the main homestead on a farm, you'll know that the best furniture is often reserved for the guests, and after a while you forget about the pristinely sterile city lodgings you're used to, and start to appreciate the volumes of character that these cottages exude. When this mental transition occurs, you are ready to appreciate the forgotten luxury of the bare essentials. You are now on holiday.

woodcliffe sunset

Dave Larsen of Country Life (June 2002) said:

"Phyll Sephton's Woodcliffe farm lies at the end of the road.

Beyond it is wilderness all the way to the summit of the Drakensberg and beyond.

The farm has quaint thatched guest cottage situated several hundred meters from the guesthouse and enjoying views between sandstone cliffs to the high berg and beyond.

The area is like the KZN Drakensberg but more remote than anything you dreamed of.

There is a sense of space and true wilderness."


Stephen Haw, April 2000 in Sunday Times Explorer Magazine:

"It doesn't get much better than this. The road out of Maclear to Woodcliff is a solitary dirt track with a single cloud shaped like a flying saucer hanging above it. I haven't been on my own for so long and now, while the others are out on horse trails and hunting down Bushman art, I'm just coming back from town with a couple of supplies and the Toyota all full of unleaded and ready to take on Naude's Neck tomorrow on the way to Rhodes.

If there's any part of the country that can still most truly be thought of as cowboy land this is it. It's not only the bar legends of horses and gun smoke, or the cowpokes leading cattle off in the distance, it's the angle of the sun, the mountain streams, the dust and the peculiar flat-topped butts of mountain that line the way.

At Woodcliff the road ends at a little thatch cottage, almost completely hemmed in by mountains, surrounded by birds and in the distance the solitary gurgle of a waterfall.

There are two horses French kissing in the field just below, there's kindling in the fireplace and the milk that I'm putting in my coffee is fresh and thick like cream.

Earlier at lunch a group of women talking about small-town life told me that despite the fact that women have to be imported around here, that everyone knows what you're doing before you do, and that you only get the Sunday papers on Monday, if at all, despite this... there's something else about Maclear and its out-of-the-way places that never quite lets go of you.

After only a day out here, I'm certain they're right. If ever one was looking for a place far from the maddening crowd, a place to get well and truly lost in, a place to lose oneself so completely one might even confuse it with being found... this is it.

The sun is edging over a mountain lip, the grass is bright verdigris and the sky is full of crimson dragons. A man on a horse is coming this way, driving a pack of donkeys before him. The smoke from his cigarette leaves a trail of little blue clouds. It's going to be cold tonight, and they say it might snow tomorrow."


Mike Ward ,Chief Operations Officer for WESSA (Sept 2013)

“Again thanks for being so accommodating and allowing us access through your farm. Having seen how dry the area was we appreciate the risk that you take to have people that you do not know travelling through. We had the most amazing experience with our mt. bikes setting off from Netta Sephton’s old family home (Glen Gariff) where we are staying with some of her descendants. Up past Gateshead on the sheep trail. Spent the first night at the kraal on top (near the grey hikers hut).

Then down Sephton’s Pass before cutting left down what looked like wagon tracks. Up Naude’s Nek (night out along the road) and then down to Rhodes before heading home. One of the best things I have ever done!”

Helen, Isak, Annie, George & William Marais (Sept 2013)

“What an absolute pleasure it was to stay in your beautiful farmhouse and experience your amazing hospitality, in the most stunning surroundings! The family Marais had a superb, totally relaxing holiday, and we would like to thank you for that!”


Woodcliffe Elundini

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